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Land Surveyors United (LSU) is the world's first social support network exclusively for professional land surveyors and geospatial professionals. You will not find a member or participant within this network who is not a professional land surveyor, a surveying student or somehow engaged in providing support for the land surveying and geospatial community. Since 2007, LSU has grown quickly into a full blown global community. Due to the rapidly expanding nature of this network community, the most sensible solution is to share administrative responsibilities within our existing membership, so that all requests for support will be answered to the best ability of our collective knowledge and regional or local expertise.

Below you will find the Organization structure of Land Surveyors United as it currently stands. Land Surveyors United is owned and maintained by Survey Earth LLC.

CEO Survey Earth LLC | Creator : Justin Farrow
Equipment Operations: Skip Farrow
Senior Director / Editor: Scott Warner, RLS
Senior Manager / Director of Mapping: Gary Breisch, PLS
Senior Manager: Charles Browning Jr.

Land Surveying AmbassadorsContinental, National, State, and Local Administrators: Based on Location

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South America





Middle East


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If you are interested in becoming the moderator/administrator for your local region, please fill out the short form and we'll be in touch with you.


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