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Find Support From Your Fellow Surveyors with Surveying Equipment Problems

Are you having problems getting your survey equipment manufacturer to call or write you back with a solution?

Have you become frustrated with the lack of technical support offered by your survey equipment manufacturer?

Are you simply looking for a solution to what seems to be a common problem with your equipment?

You've come to the right place! Land Surveyors United Groups are geared for just this sort of thing! (View Guide to All Groups)

Choose A Group Based On Your Equipment Type

This page serves as a guide for finding the appropriate group to ask a surveying equipment related support question. By finding the correct group, you will also be finding other land surveyors on the network who use the same type of equipment you are. Chances are, your best technical support is a fellow land surveyor. When you choose the group based on the type of equipment you are having trouble with, simply JOIN the group then START A NEW DISCUSSIONrelated to the issues you are experiencing.

Choose Your Group Here

Handheld US Social Support for Land SurveyorsNIKON Social Support for Land SurveyorsTrimble Social Support for Land SurveyorsTopcon Social Support for Land SurveyorsSokkia Social Support for Land SurveyorsAshtech Social Support for Land SurveyorsNAVCOM Social Support for Land SurveyorsMagellan Social Support for Land SurveyorsLeica Social Support for Land SurveyorsAltus Positioning Social Support for Land SurveyorsMicroSurvey Social Support for Land SurveyorsJuniper Systems Social Support for Land SurveyorsTraverse PC Social Support for Land SurveyorsCarlson Software Social Support for Land Surveyors

You Can Also Submit Tips and Support Guides

Not everyone on this network is here because they are in trouble with their equipment. In fact we have hundreds of land surveying experts within our network. If you are one of those experts, your fellow land surveyors may need your advice one day. If you can remember the last time you had a problem with a surveying instrument, try to recall what you did to fix it. By providing a solution to a problem that you anticipate other surveyors running into in their work, why not write a quick discussion topic demonstrating the steps you took in solving your problem. If you think other surveyors out there may run into a similar problem, go ahead and layout the solution for them in advance. When they find your solution in search, you will have a friend and ally for life!

Ultimate Support Guides

Tips For Success in Finding Support

Its simple to find the exact solution to your problem with surveying equipmentif you keep in mind a few of these simple tips:

1)When asking your question to the group, give a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE to your post and include as much detail as possible in your question. Include photos if you have them and be sure to SPELL THE EXACT MODEL AND MAKE of your equipment out, so that your question shows up in search.

2) We have thousands of Surveying equipment and software manuals floating around the Land Surveyors United network. First run a search for the manual you are looking for. if you do not find it, send us an equipment manual requestand we'll try to dig it up for you.

3) Run a search on both Land Surveyors United Video Library and Youtube Surveying Videos for a possible solution to your problem. If you find a video related to your issue, simply embed it into the networkwith 2 clicks and tell other surveyors how you fixed your problem.

4)When uploading any photos or videos to the network, be sure to remember giving them proper TITLES and Descriptions-and most importantly, SUBJECT TAGS. This will ensure that other members on the network will be able to find your content when they search for related topics.

Live Tweets about Most Manufacturers of Surveying Equipment Here

Surveyor Equipment Manufacturer hashtags live twitter wall

Find Videos Referencing Your Equipment

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Topcon Equipment Videos

Trimble Equipment Videos

Leica Equipment Videos

Spectra Equipment Videos

Nikon Equipment Videos

Navcom Equipment Videos

Magellan Equipment Videos

Find Photos Referencing Your Equipment

Sokkia Equipment Photos

Topcon Equipment Photos

Trimble Equipment Photos

Leica Equipment Photos

Spectra Equipment Photos

Nikon Equipment Photos

Navcom Equipment Photos

Magellan Equipment Photos

Ultimate Guide to Surveyor Support Guides


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