Proclamations for International Surveyors Week

What is a Proclamation?

A Proclamation is a public or official announcement of an important matter.

How do I request a proclamation locally?

Contact the state and local government offices from which you would like to request a proclamation to determine the process for each. Use the samples provided in this guide to complete and submit the request.

Why should I request a proclamation for International Surveyors Week?

A proclamation is a great way to announce the dates and purpose of National Surveyors Week. It’s effective in bringing public recognition to the surveying profession and the vital services surveyors provide regarding the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

What do I do with the proclamation once I've received it?

If you are able to schedule a signing ceremony, you’ll want to arrange to have several surveyors present. Promote the day and time of the ceremony on community calendars and in local news publications. You’ll also want to make sure a photographer is present to commemorate the event so you can include a photo with any news releases and post them on your website.


Share Surveying Photos on Your Day

No matter where you are in the world, there is a good chance that the majority of the general population know very little regarding the importance of professional land surveyors to society. Let's educate them!

On your dedicated day of the week, share and describe your best land surveying photos from the field and tell not only your fellow surveyors how surveying is typically done in your area. Consider sharing photos and videos of your setup in the field, wildlife you encounter in your area and /or any situation you think is unique to your area that other surveyors may not run into.

Help Unite Surveyors in Your Area as SURVambassador

Although Land Surveying is the oldest profession known to mankind, only in the past 10 years or so has the surveying industry been united globally. Your area of the planet needs an Ambassador! If you would like to become the ambassador (SURVambassador for your location and become moderator for your local group, please tell us by filling out this short form before International Surveyors Week!

Share Stories related to Surveying in Your Area of the World

Log a Point for Survey Earth in a Day

7th Annual Worldwide Celebration of the Land Surveying Practice, Surveying Industry and Surveyor Culture!

Join us on Thursday June 21st @ Noon and Occupy a monument or marker and Submit a Point from YOUR LOCATION in representation of Surveyors in your continent, country, state, city or zip code! SURVEYORS ONLY! No Cellphone GPS data accepted. This is a community GNSS /RTK data collection event, exercise and experiment.